Mario, an classic

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Mario is an adventure game in which different levels are given so that the player could pass them and reach the end level. The main theme of Mario is to rescue the princess which is kidnapped by enemies. You can start the game of Mario with a small character named Mario. You have to take Mario to different places and fight with enemies in order to pass the levels. You can get mushrooms on your way in order to increase the size. This will give you more power and strength.

You can remain safe from losing a life is your Mario is big in size. You can also get mushrooms which will give you another life. You can get fires by getting another type of mushroom. These items are provided on the way so that the player could have fun with benefits. When you have fires then you are able to shoot them on enemies. There are bonuses for Mario when the player is able to eliminate the enemies only by touching them. Such bonuses are for a limited time period and eliminated to give you the normal Mario for passing the levels.

There are tunnels in Mario in which you can move and reach to hidden areas. There are coins in the levels which are used for increasing the scores. You are given limited lives in Mario so that you can play with care. When you are losing all the lives then you have to take start from the beginning. If you are playing with care then you can pass Mario in limited lives and have fun.

There are stations at the end of each level. You can reach those stations when you have passed all the length of the level. Some stages in Mario are also under water. You have to swim in water in order to pass those stages. You have to fight with dragons so that you can find the princess in the end and complete the game.