Play dentist with Jessica Alba

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agf-jessica-alba-at-dentist180x135Jessica Alba as you’ve never seen sitting in the chair of the dental practice in a fun game where you will be his dentist, so what are you waiting to play dentist with Jessica Alba?

Donate a wonderful smile to the American actress who became famous thanks to his character in the Dark Angel television series. Today, with its beautiful 33 years, Jessica remains one of the most popular and beloved actresses, both for its beauty and for his talent.

Even after a long journey that brought recently from Los Angeles to Dubai his face is beaming despite the jet lag and warm of the UAE capital.

Never tired of simple tricks

To a question from a journalist who asks her what trick used to hide the weariness of the long hours spent in flight, the beautiful Jessica responded by saying that never appear tired is one of his goals. His first trick is simple: always drink a lot because what most of all does look tired is dehydration. The second trick is the care of their own skin which is the basis for a perfect makeup.

Someone asked if she is afraid of getting old. Absolutely not – responded so convinced Jessica, because, until now, with the passing of the years I have improved. He recalls that as a child was a girl plump.

A bright smile? Come to play dentist with Jessica Alba

And you know how to cure the beauty, Jessica Alba? Quite simply: sleeping and constant care his body. And definitely care for your teeth is a very important point for an actress who must always have a bright smile. What would you say to help the beautiful Jessica to take care of his teeth? Today you can be his dentist. Click here to play dentist with Jessica Alba and … have fun!